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10 Reasons why you should Weight Train


Whether you're looking to improve your overall fitness or reduce the risk of injury during sports or athletic activity, weight training is an invaluable tool for improving your physical strength and endurance.

Here are 10 reasons why weight training should be an essential part of any sensible fitness regime.

  • Improves Muscle Strength & Endurance - Weight training is a great way to build muscle strength and endurance, as it helps train each muscle to work harder and more often. This can help in activities like increased walking speed, climbing stairs, carrying heavy objects and more.


  • Increases Bone Density - Weight training has been shown to increase bone density, which decreases the risks associated with conditions such as osteoporosis. Strengthening bones with exercises designed specifically for this purpose will make them stronger over time and less likely to suffer fractures due to stress or trauma.


  • Improves Balance - Due to its ability to strengthen numerous muscles at once, weight lifting can also be used to improve balance and coordination while simultaneously reducing risk of falls or injuries. This can be especially beneficial if you participate in sports with many quick transitions in direction or motions that require greater levels of body control.


  • Helps Prevent Injury - By increasing joint stability, flexibility, mobility and control over your own bodyweight-bearing movements, weight-training will help you reduce injury occurrence during everyday activities or exercise programs that involve vigorous activity.


  • Boosts Metabolism - Regularly lifting weights will raise your metabolism throughout the day by using up more energy from food consumption than low impact exercise alone; resulting in maintenance of normal body composition without having yoyo dieting . As well as exercising regularly through lifting weights the internal muscles need good nutrition too so don’t forget those vitamins!


  • Enhances Sports Performance - As mentioned before knowing how the muscles move together improves balance which then equates into better form when it comes down for movement such as distance running or jumping much higher when dunking a basketball! Enhancing performance allows athletes involved in competitive sports excel at achieving their goals quickly by pushing power performance limits set in place as extra fuel is added due to better conditioning during workouts truly setting them on a professional level compared to recreational athletes.


  • May prevent Diabetes & Risks Of Heart Disease .


  • Fights Depression – By encouraging mindset changes helping individuals suffering from depression motivates them keep exercising no matter how mundane task is thanks body being rejuvenated, dopamine hormones released result either form happiness neurotransmitters .


  • Improves Quality Of Life — Lastly perhaps most important Lasting effects ups downs undertaken gym fitness programs give individuals real sense accomplishment along journey With newfound capabilities navigating obstacles faced daily basis second none would normally preoccupied without finding relatable outlet meaningful above rest Living optimal quality life something every person deserves regard age circumstances look ways striving best versions selves possible taking control respective paths