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Nature & Stress

Spending time out in nature can be incredibly therapeutic for our mental health. Whether it’s relaxing on a beach, kayaking down a river, or hiking through a forest, there are countless benefits to being in nature. Studies have shown that spending time outside has numerous positive effects on our overall health and wellbeing, from reducing stress to improving physical fitness.

Nature has the power to reduce anxiety and depression, boost moods and morale, provide clarity of thought and imagination, improve problem solving skills and create social cohesion among family or friends who spend quality time together outside. There are many ways to get outdoors from neighborhood parks to city green spaces; engaging with nature can be much more accessible than we think!

The great outdoors offers us respite from our regular environment; taking in the beauty of an outdoor landscape can have calming properties that help relieve stress levels allowing us to feel refreshed after a short period of outdoor time. Being within nature also helps stimulate the sensory organs in both adults & children which gives us natural stimulation apart from physical activities such as running or swimming in a river. While exploring the outdoors, we stimulate all five senses via sight, smell, sound and touch - allowing us to become more mindful of our surroundings and appreciate them more deeply.

Mental wellness is closely related to physical wellness, so by getting away for an outdoor activity such as camping or kayaking, it allows us some healthy distraction and a reminder that life doesn’t revolve around physical labor & technology connectedness alone: Connecting with nature allows us to take care of all aspects of wellness accordingly creating an overall healthier balance in life – something we all need from time-to-time no matter who we are!

Being outside also improves sleep quality - fresh air & long sun exposure helps regulate your body's natural circadian rhythms which assists with better quality rest when night falls (so why not doze off under the stars!). During periods of poor mental health like anxiety/depression being active within your local community helps you engage with other people while boosting your confidence along with staying active whether it's gardening or bushwalking - Even if it's simply walking around your block – It's always wise move!

Taking part in outdoor activities don’t just benefit your mental health but also encourages exercise & physical well-being too. Workshops at local national parks teach everyone about sustainability practices & basic survival skills connection back-to-nature which will help shape future generations into knowing how important looking after planet earth really is! Furthermore putting yourself out there amongst other groups connecting increases one’s belonging potency therefore raising self worth where needed for moments spent outside socializing – Talk about triple wins!!

To conclude if you feel overwhelmed daily due stress from work/family commitments or feeling depressed try going outside even if it's for 5 minutes or less; start small taking a step towards connecting with nature - because finding solace could only start by simply stepping foot into mother earths healing embrace full awareness..