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Take your fitness to the Next Level

If your goal is weight management, muscle building or recovery, Brett Singer a registered sports dietitian, suggest the following actions to support your workout and fitness goals.

  • Carbo Load during strenuous and continuous exercise.

If you are planning to workout for more than 90 minutes is very important that you consume between 30-60 gr of carbs at least one hour before your workout. The reason behind is that this macro will fuel your session assisting in delay fatigue, more strength , and higher stamina that translates into a better workout overall.

  • Intake proper amount of protein for your goal

If your goal is to BUILD MUSCLE and increase strength you do not  really need to go crazy on your protein intake as long as you stay between 1.4- 2.0 grams of protein per kilogram. More protein will not necessarily be absorbed by the body.

Now if  your goal is WEIGHT LOSS we will need more protein to fill full for longer and protect the muscle. You can go as high as 2.4.

You can do your math, or if you are unsure and need further assistance in your nutrition, visit us and we will run a medical grade scan that will let us know exactly what YOUR BODY NEEDS to eat everyday to achieve your goal.

  • Training sessions a day

Protein is what comes to mind after a workout. However if you are a gym warrior and hit it twice a day, try to eat carbs after each session, that way your muscles will recover better. ½ gram of carb per kg should be enough to keep you muscles strong.

  • Rehydrate

Hydration is extremely important for body function and muscle protection. Drink enough water after your workout that will replenish your sweat.