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Back to School

Going back to school might be overwhelming, getting back to schedule, homeworks plus keeping up with your life might look like a scene for Mission Impossible. But it shouldnt be that way, remember that keeping your health and wellness as your top priority is going to help you and your family feel more relaxed, energized and in a better mood.

We are sharing some back-to-school tips for the whole family to help you conquer your fitness and wellness goals at the same time you conquer your children’s homework.

Use your calendar

According to Stephen Covey, author of The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People , the key is not not prioritize what is on schedule, but to schedule your priorities. 

This means that once something is on your schedule you should follow through, if you have time for children, work and family, you should assign a time of the day for yourself. Consider exercising in family, this will tight bonds and you all will enjoy the benefits.

Plan your meals in Advanced

Leaving your eating habits up to chance is not the best idea, planning ahead is what is going to help you stay in strack on whichever is your fitness goal.

We know that cooking is a massive endeavor since you need to buy, chop, cook, clean repeat… If cooking is what is throwing you off, or what is making that you spend less quality time with your family.

Consider ordering your meal prep online with us ahead of time, we offer different plans and meals that suit any taste, so everyone in the family will enjoy it and as plus you have macro balanced meals.

Early to bed, early to rise

You crave a ME TIME!! And most likely you are doing it after your children go to bed. This will mess up the rest of your next day, since you are going to bed late and now you will be tired and you will crave more carbs… so on and so forth!!


Our best recommendation… go to bed early and wake up early… BEFORE ANYONE! You will be freshed, energized and most importantly everyone will still be sleeping so will be able yo enjoy that time for yourseld, whether you want to drink a coffee, read , exercise … is always best to do it in the morining.