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Healthy back to school lunch tips.

Since the COVID breakdown, a lot has changed in our daily life. Most people have experienced flexibility in their work schedules, and some have the privilege to still work from home. Instead of packing a lunch, we can prepare it anytime around noon. In one way or another, our children are experiencing the same level of flexibility.


As the pandemic is slowing down, and schools have started reopening their premises, a change is inevitable for our children. To ensure that our children come healthy back to school. We help ensure that you can provide good food to your child and ensure that they get back home healthy.


It is difficult to predict a child&rsquos reaction to the school&rsquos food, some children are picky eaters, and others have dietary restrictions from their doctors.


Here are some tips on meal prep to help you decide what to include in your kids&rsquo lunch box:


Ask your kids:

To make sure your kid is eating well at school, you need to ensure that they are eating their lunch and not handing it out to others. Ask your child what they would love to see in their lunch box, and try to make a balanced diet from the collective options.


Have some real food:

Having nutritious food rich in protein and fibre can facilitate your child&rsquos growth. It is good to have veggies, fruits, healthy fats (e.g. nuts) in your kids&rsquo lunch box. You can choose from the ones that your child likes to eat.


Get food delivered:

If you don&rsquot have time to cook you can always rely on us to delivered good-quality food. We love the way Healthyholic lets you choose from multiple options. It ensures that your child gets food as per their dietary requirements.


How can HealthyHolic Kitchen help you?


By having HealthyHolic as a food provider to your kid, you can ensure them fresh, affordable, and healthy meals without sacrificing quality and taste. You can ensure a healthy diet for your child by outsourcing if it is hectic for you to get it done yourself.


You can pick a plan, and the delivery partner from HealthyHolic will get it to your kid in time. We employ safe cooking practices in our kitchen to ensure the good health of your kid.




If you are feeling overwhelmed with the change, don&rsquot worry! You can rely on us for your and your child&rsquos food requirements. Right from meal prep to delivery of lunch boxes, you can get it all done with HealthyHolic. To make sure you keep your health and diet in check, follow the tips mentioned in the article above. Choose your plan now!