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Don't create resolutions, create habits.

You might have heard that 21 days are necessary to create a habit. Well the reason behind is, that repetition of activities predisposed our body to what is going to happen, so every time is easier to plan ahead since our brain is predisposed for the circumstances.


Of you entire day 40% of your activities are habits. So let&rsquos might as well make GOOD habits, since they can be a powerful tool on mastering our health and ultimately our life. 


If you are wondering what habits are, it is a behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously. Building habits is important because they help us to stay consistent and achieve our goals either physical, mental or nutritional.


Nutrition habits are the base of every healthy life, improving the way you act around food can substantially give you a better life , since you will see better digestion, weight management, improved mood and more energized.

Choosing one good habit and sticking with it is better, than trying to change your whole life&hellip So choose one  that will make your life easier and healthier and little by little incorporate new habits.


Here a few samples of good nutrition and food samples.


  • Sleep at least 7-8 hours a day ( lowers cortisol/ more energy next day/ Better muscle recovery)


  • If you are into sweets choose 80% dark chocolate (high antioxidant)


  • Include at least 1 vegetables in all your meals.


  • Drink at least 2 lt of water


  • Exercise 3-4 times a week and supplement your hard work with protein .


  • Avoid ultra processed food


  • Order you meal prep every Tuesday from Healthyholic. 


  • Do not drink your calories.


  • Feed your gut! Pro and prebiotic are essential to keep your gut working&hellip which helps you get rid of toxins and absorb all the goodies from the healthy food you are now taking.


  • Meditate 5 min (it helps to stay more relax/ more present)


There are many habits you can include in your life, you might master some of them or you might need start them all. Whatever your response is, HealthyHolic is here to help you achieve your goal, we can help you with you meal prep and cross that out of the list, and foremost we are here to create a complete customize meal plan according to your goal and needs. So please visit us if you need any further assistance and will be glad to see you.