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What are macros?

Well they are nutritional compounds that your body needs in significant amounts for daily functioning. there are three:

  • protein

  • carbs 

  • fat


They each have an important role in your body.




Even if suggested otherwise, carbs are the macros that your body requires the most. Unless you are on a keto or low carb diet, your macros should take from 45% - 65% of your calorie intake.


Lets understand that not all carbs are the same even if for calorie purpose 1gr = 4 cal. 

we can find 2 main splits:

  • Glucose: enters the cells and are transformed into atp, that is the main form of cellular energy. whatever is not used converts to glycogen that is stored in the liver and as body fat.

  • Cellulose = fiber: helps remove waste from the large intestine and you can get it from fruits and veggies.




Is the building block of your body and it should take from 20 % - 35% of your meal plan. you can obtain 3 main amino acids that will help you with:

  • energy

  • cellular function

  • building muscle




Is essential to stay healthy , you should consider from 10% - 35 %. even if it is the highest calorie per gram 1gr/9 cal. It supports hormonal function, insulates nerves and promotes healthier skin and hair.


When creating the perfect meal plan we suggest to focus mostly on your macros vs calorie counting, by counting your macros you are considering the food quality and satiety. 

Therefore healthier meals  instead of snacking on 215 cal snickers  (11 gr fat/28 gr carbs-20 sugar/3 gr protein)&hellip for 7 more calories you can have 2 oz sweet potato, 3 oz grilled chicken, 5 asparagus spears, ( 19 carbs(5 gr sugar)/3.2 fat/29 protein) are we understanding what i'm trying to say?


At Healthyholic we always offer a free meal plan since we know that part of the success in your fitness journey is related to macros counting.


How can we calculate these numbers?


We offer a body analysis composition with the inbody machine, with the numbers that this machine will show us we will be able to determine what ratio is best for your body composition, since we will see how much muscle, fat, water and your bmr.


Following a meal plan has never been easier since we offer meal prep (no more excuses) and we offer a grab and go section where every meal has its macros, so you will be able to create your diet on the spot and always be sure that you will be eating fresh, healthy, affordable meals.