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Dos and Dont's for the Summer.

Schools are out, and books are on the books, we have long hot days a head where not just the children are eager to enjoy, but so does the adults. SUMMER MODE ON!

This summer instead of adding all those frappuccinos to your day , those beers to your BBQ; try instead to add something summer related that will make you feel and look good, unless you are planning to loose all the hard work you have put on yourself.

BE A SUMMER-SAVVY! Here I will share with you some summer tips to keep your mind and body healthy.

  • Get Moving to stay fit

Working out might be one of the last things in your mind. However you dont need to spend hours in the gym. Take your bike around instead of the car, go hiking, learn a new summer sport, or just walk! Include at least 150 min of aerobic work/week.

  • Buddy up for the gym

Accountability is everything! Have a partner and make your fitness and diet goals easier to reach.

  • Keep Your Gym Bag Fresh, Packed, And In Your Sight
  • Stay Hydrated

Tune in with your body. If you are to play outside, family reunion, or competition avoid feeling dizzy, thrist, nausea or dry mouth. You can always bring along Delicious BCAA that will keep you and your muscle protected, since they are loaded with electrolytes and amino acids to protect your muscle. EXTRA EXTRA !! 7 DELICIOUS FLAVORS!

  • Add More Fresh Fruits + Veggies To Your Diet

Summer is a great time to have refreshing fruits and vegetables and a great way to boost your diet. If you are a picky eater, dont worry! We offer delicious smoothies where you will get all the benefits of fruits and vegetables without suffering.

  • Avoid Too Much Alcohol Or Caffeine

Alcohol & coffee can get you dehydrated quickly. Try to limit your intake instead ad a plain or flavored water. (Inside tip: BCAA taste great and can be taken all day!!)

  • Make Time For Relaxation And Sleep

I know!!! You want to party like its summer of 1969. But remember that sleeping is important for your health, not just to feel fresh but to restore your body: muscle growth, hormone balance, weight loss… and the list goes on. 

  • Be Generous With SPF

Vitamin D is great but always remember to use sunscreen. Reapply every 2 hours and try to make it SPF 30.

Here we gave you our best summer tips.Now let us know which one was the one that you liked the most or least.