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When we think about fueling performance, we think of carbohydrates. However, protein is as vital as carbs. Whilst protein does not affect directly performance they play a very important roll in the body function, such as muscle tissue growth, maintenance and recovery.

As of today science suggests .8- 1.2 grams per kilogram of body weight. But learning the needed quantity is half the way to actually assist your body in its functions.

We have the belief that as long as you eat enough protein your body will grow and recover, WRONG! Everyday there is more evidence that quantity and frequency are equally important.

Consider having some sort of protein every 3 hours, that will help you increase your muscle gains compared to eating every 6 hours, even if eating the same gr of protein. The biggest benefit of spreading your protein evenly through your meals is that it will increase satiety.

One study in particular showed that eating 20 vs 40 grams didn't have such a big impact on muscle growth and recovery, rather the spread out of the protein might be even more crucial. Besides protein synthesis, having protein immediately after a workout helps support muscle recovery.

If having a good source of protein is hard for you, consider visiting one of our stores and we will be ready to offer you the best choice for you. You can have a protein meal right after your workout or if in a rush you can always choose from one of our delicious protein shakes, that offer not less than 30 gr each from clean sources of protein.