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5 Diet hacks to Kick the Weight Loss Plateau

A healthy lifestyle is not just about weight loss, being healthy affects your energy levels. But if your goal is to lose weight, we will offer you some tips that are not food related that will support your weight loss goals.

Follow these steps regardless of your goal and be leaner and healthier:

Prioritize Sleep

In these world most of us are sleep deprived. Losing sleep means losing the ability to manage stress, work out and make healthier food choices. YES! NO SLEEP = MORE FOOD, and the reason why is because your body needs to compensate the energy , that is why all you want is SWEETS AND PROCESSED CARBS.

The solution to more energy and better mood is : SLEEP!  Be consistent on your bed routine wake up and go to bed at the same time. Eliminate caffeine and get sunlight.

Reduce Stress

High levels of stress affect your hormones, specifically CORTISOL, this hormone will lead you to belly fat retention and slower metabolism.

Besides of a better sleep, try meditation, therapy, nature walks, group activities. Or if you think you may need more assistance try RESTOR. This is a great addition to anyone's routine, it will lower your stress levels with the advance botanical blend, therefore it will make you sleep better, shed those pounds, muscle gain and more concentration.

Drink your water

Oftentimes thirst can be confused for hunger. Drink more water and promote weight loss by having less cravings, more energy and plenty of more benefits.

If staying on point of you water intake is hard, try to set an alarm to remember you, or put 0 calorie flavors to you water…. And of course get a REUSABLE water bottle.

Improve your Gut Health

Your gut is known to be your second brain, it will determine what foods you crave, how sensitive you are to food, your metabolism. 

So let's take care of it and consume more probiotic rich food, such as:



Olive Oils



Dark greens


Whatever kind of workout that brings you joy… do it! But be consistent. It will boost your energy and mood levels, it will help you prevent pain and injuries and of course you will feel happier, because it will help your seratonin segretation.

NOW go and be a healthier version of your self. Remember that a :

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step”