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I love looking and feeling bloated!! Said no one ever. However it might have happened to you more often that you would like. Tight pants, puffy belly, low energy! 

Here are some exercise that will aid you mitigate the bloating.

Most common reasons:

  • Eating too much food in one sitting
  • Food sensitivities
  • Drinking too many carbonated beverages
  • Hormones
  • Stress

How to deal with it?

In addition to cutting back on those fizzy beverages, reducing stress, and taking a look at your diet, exercise is also key.

While exercise isn’t a “cure” for bloating, getting your body moving is always a good idea. It may just help alleviate some of that uncomfortable full feeling you get when you’re super bloated. 

By now we know that exercising is a great tool, however there are some body movements that might be more beneficial than others moving gas faster and therefore less bloating.

These we consider to be the pillars to fight bloating:

#1 Yoga

It will alleviate stress and calm the nervous system. In addition some twist will stimulate your digestive system and potentially less bloating. Feeling a little stuffed or puffy? Try Chair pose with a twist, or a gentle supine twist while laying on your back.

#2 Pilates

Similar to yoga, Pilates also focuses on a breath-to-movement workout, connecting the body and mind. The emphasis on breathing can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, helping your body to get into “rest and digest” mode, which is obviously very beneficial in this instance. 

Additionally, because Pilates is (like yoga) a low-impact exercise, you’ll mitigate cortisol levels and contribute to a more balanced, healthier body — in theory, this contributes to a healthier digestive system as well, allowing you to recalibrate your stomach (and hopefully soothe those belly woes!).

#3 Stretching

This practice goes a long way promoting relaxation and opening everything up. 

Try loosening up the body and reducing some built-up gas, and boosting circulation for better digestion by doing some simple stretches. Lay flat on your yoga mat and bring your knees to your chest. You can also drop your knees to one side of your body with your arms out to your sides for a nice twist. Repeat this on the other side. Take your time stretching it out, and let the bloat melt away! 

Similar to yoga and Pilates, this more so comes down to how slowing the body down, mindfully breathing, connecting mind and body, and focusing on on the breath can reduce stress levels, which, as mentioned before, are a common culprit behind bloating. 

Other Tips to Reduce Bloating

If bloating persist…listen to our body. Bloating is a symptom, you could be allergic, eating too much, too much stress… analyze your surroundings and fight back.

Some general lifestyle tips that contribute to bloat reduction: 

Keep a food journal and log what you eat

Go for a walk after a meal

Drink more water

Eat fiber to regulate digestion

Avoid cruciferous veggies (particularly if they’re a trigger)

Eat smaller meals

Eat more slowly, chew more, and put your fork down between bites

Get good sleep to ensure you’re managing stress levels

Practice mindfulness, deep breathing, and meditation. 

Follow these tips and say goodbye to tight pants.